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Being Black and carefree

“Sometimes being Black and carefree is an act of revolution”, said Joelle, one of the characters in Dear White People. It’s such a powerful statement that can be applied to all aspects of life, whether you are an activist or not. For me I can get so bogged down in mind head with stuff like ‘my career’, family drama, my love life or lack thereof, the state of the world, the future – what will it be? And so many other day to day mini anxieties, worries and the Things I Have To Handle or the Things I Have To Be Strong For. All of these thoughts weigh me down and make me feel so burdened that unsurprisingly it’s a struggle for me to get out of bed and face the day. When you’re weighted with All The Cares, getting out of bed is the very last thing you want to do at times. You just want to hide away just for a while and hope that everything will take care of itself.

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But I’m reminded that the Apostle Peter said to ‘cast all your anxiety on Him [Jesus], because he cares for you’. And in Psalm 94:19, it says, ‘when anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.’ In the Bible being joyful in the midst of adversity is an revolutionary act, because it serves to remind us that if we let Him, God will take control of the situation, that he will carry this burden for us. It’s what Jesus died for after all.

Taking a moment (or moments) to step outside of all the things in the world and in our lives that weigh us down is vitally important. Whether you find your comfort and consolation in Jesus, a movie, a party, friends, or sport or all the above, whatever it is, know that it is okay to have some downtime to catch your breath, to recharge and take stock before you start again. It’s okay to release your burdens especially when there’s Someone greater to carry them for you. That doesn’t make you weak, rather it make you strong enough to continue the fight for another day.


This world is not without trouble, especially for Black people, it’s hard sometimes to think about being carefree when there is so much to care about. But we need to draw the strength that comes from being carefree, so that we don’t give in to fear and complacency but instead rise and rise.


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