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America decided

November 9, 2016

polltracker2-largeNovember 2008, I remember waking up to hear that America had elected its first Black President, Barack Obama. I felt so much joy, elation and pride in this despite being a Brit because America’s triumph in this historical moment was mine too, as a Black woman. Change had definitely come, the cries of ‘Yes we can’ rang jubilantly in my ears, nothing seemed impossible or out of reach.

Scroll forward to November 2016, I wake up to chants of ‘USA, USA’ and the knowledge that Donald J Trump has won the US Presidency. What a difference eight years has made. Obama was elected on a tide of hope, aspiration and the simple belief that life in America could be fair for all. Trump has been elected on a wave of racism, misogyny, fear and distrust. America has gone from ‘Yes we can’ to ‘Grab ’em by the pussy’. Nice.

What does this mean? Other than the fact a coarse, unqualified bully can get elected to public office over a  very qualified woman. Not that Hilary Clinton was not without her faults but she was the preferable candidate, the lesser of two evils if you will. Truth be told I’m not surprised by the result. Brexit demonstrated that people felt no way about being blatantly racist to gain political advantage, so in the case of the US elections using racism and misogyny to get elected without batting an eye is really no shocker. America, you may have decided, but I don’t think it will make you great again.


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