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Podcasting joy

October 3, 2016

229476htkcsaf6eRecently my friend and I launched our very own podcast called This Christian Life. This was born out of many deep conversations about life, faith, relationships and anything else we were dealing with as Black, Christian women.

Through our conversations we realised that most of the topics we discussed weren’t things that were discussed in church (well not the church we go to) and more than that we were aware that at times our perspective and experience differs to of most the Christians we know. That’s not to say that we’re right and they’re wrong, but it’s more about having a voice to express oneself and to express that which might not necessarily be a popular or right opinion but it’s where you’re at. And also having the space to say ‘I don’t know’ or to change your mind or whatever it is that needs to happen.

The Christian walk is not an easy one, and sometimes it’s hard to find the strength to carry on especially in a world that’s already hard enough for women, let alone women of colour. We’ve published 3 episodes so far and have covered topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement, feminism, careers, relationships, sex, and marriage.We don’t claim to have the answers to the big life questions, but we do hope that people would be encouraged listening to us and join us on our journey through this Christian life.

Find us at to download the podcast episodes. You can also follow us on Twitter @thischristlife, and on Facebook at

In the meantime download our latest episode here (right click and save).

Hope you like it.


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