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Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?

May 24, 2011

The world was supposed to end last Saturday 21 May at 6pm. It didn’t. Obviously.

According to evangelical broadcaster, Harold Camping, he ‘miscalculated’ his prediction of the Rapture foretold in the Bible, and he felt ‘terrible’ for his mistake. I’m sure the many who believed him and spent their life savings thinking the end was coming are reassured by that.  However, disappointed folk need not worry, a new date has been set for 21 October 2011, five months from now.

What surprised me about all this talk of the End Of The World, was that no-one appeared to challenge Camping with the scripture from Matthew 24:36, which says,  ‘No one knows the day or the hour’. Not even Jesus knew, ‘only the Father’. With this mind, I’d say that Camping’s ‘miscalculation’ was not only erroneous but unnecessary.  Moreover, it also shows the propensity for people to listen and believe what another says rather and read and study the Bible for themselves.  In that same chapter of Matthew, it also says in verse 11 that ‘many false prophets will appear and deceive many people’.  I’d say that particular prophecy came true!

However, I do believe that something positive has come out of the events – or rather non-event – of the last few days.  People all over the world regardless of their belief system have been talking about it. Yes many have been mocking the misguided followers of Harold Camping, and Christians in general. Some have been reflective. Others, like me, have been faintly dismissive.  But, as I listened to a news programme discussing the subject,  I was struck by the thought that this whole thing has provided an opportunity to re-open conversations about faith and salvation with people, that perhaps I and many others wouldn’t usually. Which in itself cannot be a bad thing.

Will the world end on 21 October? I think you know my answer but I welcome the conversation to be had on the matter.

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