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Tweets of the day #1

October 28, 2009

Periodically I scan through the trending topics on Twitter and come across some gems. I thought that I may post my fave ones from today:

@Ifeyani  #mymomsaid “IFEANYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I come running in and she’s like “please change the channel, Friends is about to come on” #sigh

@EBBALiCiOUSZ: #myMOMsaid ALWAYS WEAR SOME CLEAN PANTIES…YA NEVER KNOW WUTS GONNA HAPPEN-> all black mommas said that -_- (That’s right mine sure did!!)

@dearsantana: #whattimeisitnow HAMMER TIME! 🙂
@dear santana, you got to know it’s always HAMMER TME!


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