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Cycle chic chick!

September 18, 2009

Today I joined the Cycle Fridaysgroup to cycle into work, after a 3 week hiatus (from the group, not the cycling!). As I looked around the merry bunch of cyclists I noticed that I was the only cyclist not wearing hi-vis clothing and/or a helmet. One male cyclist paid compliment to me saying I was very stylish in my jeans, ballet flats, blouse and cardy with crocheted scarf (homemade!) attire. I thanked him but noted that he and the others were probably safer on the roads as a result of all the cycle geek clothing!

Now this area of cycling is quite tricky for me as one of the reasons I avoided cycling especially commuting into work was the sartorial inelegance of my fellow riders. There was no way, that I was going to cycle in Lycra – that’s just so 1990! And as for those helmets, hell just might have to freeze over or else they bring a law that says helmets essential not optional!

This is not to say that I am the most elegant or trendy of dressers. My look tends towards student chic (desperately trying to break out of) and uber casual media/publishing employee ie jeans, smart-ish top, flat shoes (occasionally heels), definitely a nice handbag!

However, I do want to look good cycling despite the sweaty brow and pained expression whilst navigating South London’s busier roads. The summer hasn’t been too bad but now as autumn begins and winter around the corner, a girl needs to think about the cycling wardrobe without resorting to waterproof trousers and overshoes!

Where to find cool cycling clothes that don’t include sporty lycra wear? London Cycle Chic which incorporates an online shop and blog, is my best find so far. The prices are comparable to the likes of Evans Cycles and other cycle stores but my God the quality of style is by far superior! I have literally spent most of my working day today just gazing, ok, lusting after the Bern Muse Hard Hat a snip at £39.99 and also the Yakkay Cover & Helmet a bit pricier at £95. Also because I am a handbag obsessive I have been looking at the panniers because I do find rucksacks very sweaty and when heavy add a lot of pressure to the shoulders, as do satchels. The one I fell in love with and is definitely on my wish-soon-to-be-fufilled list was the Deluxe Shopping Pannier(in lemon pine). I even got excited about their rain cape (weird because whenever I see someone wearing one I just want to laugh).

Anyhoo, this site is a must see for those like me trying to keep the style real but safe whilst cycling. If you like vintage/retro styles then this is the site for you! I shall certainly be dropping some heavy Christmas present hints to the Boyfriend and anyone else who cares to be around!

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