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Long time!

June 25, 2009

I know, I know it’s been ages but I have been exceptionally busy of late.

Last month I bought a bikes- a lovely 1970s Raleigh Romano – so I’ve been taking advantage of the usually fine British summer weather and going out and about amusing everyone with my attempts to navigate the roads on a bike with no gears! It’s not too bad, actually I’m getting used to the roads and gradually the fear that usually accompanies me is lessening. Today I had a great cycle around Dulwich/Herne Hill with no incident, usually I prang parked cars or railings or am unable to start after stopping at a traffic light, but this time I was ok. See practice really does make perfect. Hopefully I will get good enough to go further distances like to work, so I can at least save a bit of money.

In other news, I have begun leading a small women’s group at church which is so far going ok. We’re having our second meeting on Saturday, so am preparing a message for that. Another idea regarding this blog would be to post some of the messages prepared and any other thoughts and themes regarding women and Christianity but we’ll see…Watch this space

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