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Hey Madonna! Leave those kids alone!

March 28, 2009

I’m sorry but its got to be said, ‘Madonna, take your trifling self out of Africa and leave the children alone’.

I mean seriously, are there not enough impoverished orphaned children in the West that she can extend her hand of kindness to? How is taking a child from Africa to the US or London or wherever to be raised by a nanny and wheeled out for photo opportunities going to benefit. Admittedly said child will want for nothing, after all with her wealth, there is no question that Madonna can provide. But I question the validity of her adoption quests.

The first, David Banda (forever to be called by every UK newspaper/magazine by his full name lest we forget exactly where he came from), wasn’t an orphan as the public were  initially led to believe. His father let him go thinking it was best for his son.  He soon has second thoughts. But that isn’t the point, somehow (cash!?), Madge and then husband Guy Ritchie managed to circumvent Malawian adoption law to take the child home before fully completing the assessment. Now she’s back again trying to bend the rules by once more adopting a child from Malawi even though the law states that she can’t as a divorcee and a single parent. The family of said child aren’t happy and are trying to fight her. Good on ’em! I hope they win.

I know there are so many pros to this situation. To adopt is a awesome gift to give to a child that needs a family, as well as blessing to a family which really wants a child. However, I think of the many thousands of people without Madonna’s wealth or fame who want to adopt but are denied for whatever reason, yet Madonna just has to stamp her foot and she gets what she wants. It doesn’t seem fair.

I hate the fact that I sound so judgemental but I just don’t think she is sincere in her endeavour. It seem to me to be more of an act to make her feel better about herself and to enhance her public image. Harsh, fair? Probably.

Another thing that bugs me is what is she going to teach these African babies about their culture and heritage? That their country was so awful, so impoverished, so uncultivated, that boy aren’t they lucky that she swooped in and whisked them away to a much richer and deserving life in the West.  And what about the other kids in the orphanage? Do they get to realistically envision their own Madonna coming to ‘rescue’ them from their lives? It just seems so wrong and frankly a bit messed up! It’s just this sense that Africa is a place one needs to be rescued from. It wasn’t enough that x amount of years ago, Africans were forcibly removed from home to serve elsewhere. Now they are just being led to believe that Africa is just not a good enough to live and be raised.

I would respect Madonna more and the other international child adopters – yes you Angelina/Brad – if they would just commit themselves to helping Africans (or whoever) from a social  and political  standpoint. Live in the community, get to know the people you are trying to help, sponsor them help them in practical ways, be as proud as they are of their country. Because Africans are proud of their country whatever its problems, be it Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and I speak as a British-born Ghanaian woman. If the likes of Madonna and company understood that, they would realise that taking  a person from their native land in the belief that said person’s life would be better elsewhere, is just arrogance, especially when the person has no choice in the matter i.e a child. It’s a complex issue, I realise, and not easily confined to simple pros and cons. I just hope, no pray the right decision is taken for all involved in a way that fair and just.

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